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Training and Workshop

We provide world-class Training programs that are immersive, ensuring participants are involved in numerous activities. These activities are optimized to communicate the essential elements of the curriculum.

Our workshops utilize the strengths of not just the moderator, but each participant. The classes emphasize the gains in team effort, collaborative reasoning and critical analysis towards learning. From hands-on to professional workshop types, care is taken to keep the groups small, focused on a defined area, and primed to access what everyone can offer on the subject matter.

our services

Security Services Consulting

Safety and security are of great global concern in our contemporary age. Protection is needful and vital, be it Personal, valuables or property, that is why we aid our clients in meeting these security needs by providing excellent Security services both in Nigeria and UK ranging from sales, installation and maintenance of CCTV to training, recruitment and supply of Security Personnel, Security Risk Management Services, Threat and Violence Risk Management.

our services


We provide consulting services for clients with tailored and specialized training services and security related training and services

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+234 810 857 1012

Second Floor, Gold Crest Plaza, Ikota, Lekki, Lagos State.

M-F: 8am-5pm, S-S: Closed